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WORD OF GOD (BVMCD 006) by Dickson Ek (12 tracks)

"Word Of God" (BVMCD 006), is a worthy follow-up to Dickson Ek's debut, "The Wages Of Sin" (BVMCD 003). This is good inspirational music with superb entertainment value. 

Yes, you can now actually praise and worship the Almighty Father, without tears. Gospel music has indeed arrived!

DICKSON EK is a Nigerian contemporary gospel / pop crossover music singer/songwriter who, though generally sings in English, blends West African with American / European sounds, to create a very simple, yet captivating product. He started performing live at the tender age of 10! 

However, his big break came several years ago when he gave an electrifying performance in front of 10,000 people at the University of Ibadan, Nigeria. Many at the concert likened him to ‘a certain American pop icon’. He was aged 16! He has not looked back ever since. 

His ambition? - "To win souls for Christ through music, dance, and drama". 

If you were looking for real innovative contemporary gospel / pop crossover music, then look no further - Dickson Ek is it!
In "Word Of God" and "Fear Not", he blends Nigeria's Yoruba language with English, to make his powerful clarion call to all, to turn to God.

Meditation time? Then check out "Put Your Trust In God", "Repent Now", "Do You Know?", "Jesus Cares" and "Almighty God". Here Dickson Ek demonstrates his versatility by going the way of R&B and ballads.

The 12-track "Word Of God" CD was processed and mastered at Bona Vee Multimedia Laboratory, Abeokuta, Nigeria, the recording facility of BONA VEE MUSIC (bmi/hfa), the value-for-money independent label.